ryanakca-dotfilesMy configuration files6 weeks
talk-templateMy beamer template for talks4 months
cmu-thesisClass files for PhD theses at CMU in CSD2 years
grading-scriptsScripts to print off assignments, etc.4 years
autolab-helperSML framework for writing AutoLab autograders4 years
biblatex-eptcsBibLaTeX implementation of the EPTCS bibliography style4 years
telemConsole bulletin board implemented in Lua. Mirror of git:// years
ocamllbOCaml ListenBrainz library3 years
tmphosttemporary file hosting and cleanup4 years
nmmA C and curses implementation of the popular games Three/Nine/Twelve Man Morris.4 years
ledaA gemini client written in OCaml4 years